Tourex Big Speed Clutch (Adjustable) - 2.1mm Springs 4wd

TXLS710 Tourex Big Speed Clutch (Adjustable) - 2.1mm Springs (Offroad/4WD) Inkl. justerings værktøj
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European made Tourex adjustable clutch. Fits CY/RC engines with 54mm clutches. 

The weight of this clutch is 75g. These clutches use the 2.1mm inner springs, which is the tension designed for use on 2WD and 4WD offroad models.

This is a 4-stage adjustable clutch, the RPM settings are as follows:

1. approx 6900 RPM

2. approx 7400 RPM

3  approx 8200 RPM

4. approx 8600 RPM

This clutch has been used by many racers on the European circuit over the past few years.

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