Engine Stats: Displacement: 25.4cc. Power: 3HP @14,000 RPM. Torque: 1.4 ft/lbs @10,000 RPM. Timing:30 degrees BTDC @ 8,000 RPM. Compression Ratio: 8.9:1. Fuel: 91 octane (using the R+M/2 octane rating method) or higher mixed 25:1 with 2-stroke oil.
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Pris: kr1,920.00
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The brand-new 2008 Zenoah G270RC engine is a 25.4cc (34mm bore, 28mm stroke) performance machine. Zenoah took their powerful, reliable G260RC engine and made it even better. Major changes include a 4-bolt cylinder design for improved sealing and reduced gasket blowout (an improvement from the 2-bolt cylinder design of the G260RC); a stronger and lighter crankcase; an additional crankshaft bearing; redesigned cylinder fins for better cooling; larger ports; the high-performance WT-990 carburetor WITHOUT an internal acceleration pump as standard equipment; a metal-impregnated insulator gasket for a better seal; and modified cylinder hardware to better resist vibration. This engine offers serious performance. It features a 4 transfer port 34mm cylinder, Walbro WT-990 carburetor WITHOUT an internal acceleration pump (15.88mm bore, 12.7mm venturi, independent high and low jets), lighter flywheel, "hemi"-style combustion chamber, and full-circle crankshaft. Includes installation instructions. Engine is available in complete form

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